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Upcoming trips

Below is the list of scuba diving adventures that we have planned.  See something you're interested in?  Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot or to find out more information.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Never fear...we'll be adding more soon!

February 25-28, 2017 - Crystal River, Florida

Manatee and cavern diving at its best, all wrapped up in a trip that won't break the bank.  Nice warm water, beautiful sites and easy diving await you on this trip.  This is a great excursion for newer divers!

June 14-20, 2017 - Jupiter, Florida

This is an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful parts of Florida's coast lines. We did this trip in 2016 and had experiences with Loggerhead turtles, which if you haven't seen in person, they are an amazing site!  The water is clear and warm with great dive sites! This trip will include 2 days of shore diving at the world-famous Blue Heron Bridge, followed by 3 days of 2-tank dives with Jupiter Divers.

July 21-23, 2017 - St. Lawrence Seaway

A great trip for newer divers who want to be introduced to shipwreck diving in warm, clear fresh water.  The St. Lawrence Seaway boasts some beautiful wrecks to explore and a great little town to enjoy non-diving activities.  This trip is only a 7 hour drive from Pittsburgh!


May 2018 - Truk Lagoon

During WWII, Truk Lagoon was a major naval stronghold for the Japanese Navy, featuring much of the naval assets.  In 1944, the Allies launched Operation Hailstorm and destroyed a good portion of the fleet.  Which is why Truk Lagoon is now known as "the biggest graveyard of ships in the world." Come with us to explore this amazing piece of history that now features a variety of tropical fish, eagle rays and a wealth of other beautiful sea creatures.


August 14-17, 2017 - Morehead City, North Carolina

This is a smaller, more intimate group trip, as only 6 divers are allowed with the great service we receive from Tortuga Divers.  A small group allows us to visit some of the more exclusive wrecks that North Carolina offers.


October 14-21, 2017 - Roatan, Honduras

Join us as we travel to Roatan and the Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort, an all-inclusive resort on the beautiful and world-famous West Bay Beach.  The diving in Roatan is on the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, and hosts a large amount of beautiful sea creatures both large and small.  The dives have little to no current, so this trip is for divers of all skill levels.  Contact the shop today to reserve your spot on this great trip!